Friday, April 21, 2006

Code 128 Barcode Links

Code 128 is a barcode symbology. It can encode alphanumeric and special characters, and also offere the possibility of compressing sequences of numbers so that one barcode character represents two digits.

An article on the encoding system, and a good table of the 3 codes and associated barcode symbols (also has a GPLed barcode font, which I can't get to work):

Another good reference from a company that sells barcode fonts:

A Java Bean that generates barcodes (does not use a font, and is wider than necessary as a result):

Best approach I could come up with so far is to use some of the code from jbarcodebean, as well as a basic barcode font made with FontForge (bars and spaces only, width 1,2,3,4 units).

The application previously used the barcode font from, which is frustratingly free to download but not to distribute commercially, and definitely not under the GPL


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