Saturday, January 06, 2007

An End To Hunger

2 weeks in Mozambique in December (it's 30 degrees... at midnight) is great for sleeping, reading, daydreaming and anything else not requiring actually moving from your hammock. It's just too hot. Since mike moved in last year our house has read quite a bit of China Mieville, and I borrowed Iron Council (closer to a fever dream than some of my fever dreams. brilliant) to take with me, and to use to fend off giant flying insects. I also bought Looking For Jake (his latest book, a collection of short stories) before I left. One story I particularly like is An End To Hunger, conveniently published online by The Register. It's worth reading, particularly for the email from 'Very Hungry Foreign People' on page 3.

Unrelatedly, we managed to get my tattoo to scan at the end of last year :) It's healed well, and I have a few more pictures that I'll download and post. The phone that scanned it successfully was a Nokia N70.

Also, I've finally given in and joined Facebook - suddenly, it seems important to keep in touch, and I'm terrible at it most other ways. Thanks chris for helping with that, your newyears party was great!


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