Monday, May 15, 2006

Little Red Men

With forked tails, actually. And, quite cute :p

Conquered my fear of the unknown and installed FreeBSD today - mostly painless, much to my surprise. Even got the linux compatiblilty stuff installed, and PostgreSQL 8.1 (which, incidentally, gave far less trouble than it did the last time I tried to install it on Debian). The server is named olive, after Olive Schreiner.

Somewhat unrelatedly, I came across these two articles recently - both presenting a more realist/pessimist view of Open Source software in the developing world. They bring up some very valid points about what doesn't work, worth considering when trying to come up with something that does.

Algorithms in Africa , an oldish (2001) article from LinuxJournal

Comparison study of free/open source and proprietary software in an African context


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