Friday, May 26, 2006

We love your apathy

Saw this link ( on chris's site. Basically a hellkom copy ; unfortunately it's a poor one, and as far as i'm concerned it's missing the point quite drastically. Hellkom is about pushing for deregulation in the telecoms industry - we need this, we really do. Powerloss is about whining, and not much else.

This really annoys me, not least the response to it (featured on 5fm? come on.) I completely agree that there are problems with Eskom, with the governement, with many, many things - DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. On a side note, there is absolutely no reason to repeatedly make your point with multiple exclamation marks. !!

There's so much real, relevant advocacy out there. If you're a designer looking for a project, you could look here.

I'm much too idealistic, as usual.


Anonymous michael said...

I very much agree, there's something about a group of people complaining that really just pisses me right off. is another shining example of whinging - turns out Peter is just using it to advertise his boring seminars anyway.

The link is broken btw, and I want to read it :P

6:53 PM  

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