Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Another Year

I like the irony of this photo - watching the sun rise from Lion's Head, while far below, my car is being broken into.

That said, it was a great sunrise.

In other news, NOFX are rumored to be coming to SA... again. I was always a bit cynnical, and this is the third time I've heard The NOFX Rumor, but for the sake of everyone who cut their punk scene teeth on this band I hope it's true. I wasn't among those, and there are a few punk bands I'd rather see - Strung Out and Bad Religion at the top of that list, also Thursday and Rise Against. And Lagwagon last year were great.

It was apparently 35 in the City Bowl today, so I've stayed at work in the semi-aircon until it cools down a bit. I have more to post, later, but I've run out of time. There is cold beer in the fridge at home.


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