Wednesday, February 14, 2007

This Valentines' Day, Give Dog Food

Valentines' day is commercialised, unnecessary, miserable if you're single, and possibly expensive if you're not. You can approach it being bitter and cynical ('I don't do Valentines' day.') or go along with the herd but there isn't much in between.

I'm not really bitter - love is worth celebrating! I have happy memories from Valentines' day, and happy memories from other days, and other kinds of love.

So, here's the idea:

There are many ways that the cost of dinner and a movie / a box of chocolates / whatever else you'd buy on Valentines' day, could be spent. For organisations that rely on donations, this money (or a few hours of your time) could make a huge difference. If you're single this year, or just not into the whole Valentines' day hype, have a look at GreaterGoodSA and see if you can find a way to share some love anyway.

Since I woke up this morning not next to a lover, but next to a small tortoiseshell cat left as a tiny kitten in a stormwater drain, my R50 went to TEARS, the animal rescue society that found her. I feel warm already, and anyway, good sex and sunsets are free :p


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